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Agile Answer is a boutique Agile consultancy with big plans. We work toward lean, effective and efficient organizational development using Kaizen (continuous improvement) as well as Kaikaku (disruptive change).


Our experts are here to help you:


​                        Tushar Jain
                        Enterprise Agile Transformation thought leader

                        SPC, CSM, CSPO, CSP, Six Sigma Black Belt

With 20 plus years of global experience in Agile coaching and Leadership transformation, I love to work with teams as well as executives to create a high performance environment. The passion of community building coupled with emphatic and collaborative working style inspires not only me but the people around me to achieve continuous improvement as a habit.

​                        Dante Fereghetti
                        DevOps Dude


I have successfully built startups on solid foundations of DevOps and contemporary software engineering practices. My hands-on approach with a variety of tools makes me a person to go to. I coach teams in DevOps practices and help middle management and executives to create an environment to fructify DevOps.

                        Deepika Mellacheruvu
                        Executive Coach and Agilist

                        SPC, ICP-ACC, CSM

Passion for coaching and Agile led me to Agile transformations of various organizations.  In my 20 plus years of experience, I have gained deep insight into Executive as well as team coaching. Developing change champion is one of my key strategies for the Agile transformation.

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